Glow up inside and out.

With San Francisco's best dressed CTO.

Our signature look = your main character energy 🔥

We customize each glow up to the specific client to get you looking and feeling like your ideal self ✨✨

We don’t have a “signature look” because each client is unique, but we do have a long list of happy clients who experienced major life upgrades as a result of their glow up.

Our goal is to give you great style with 0 cognitive load: the Steve Jobs and Mark Zuckerberg way, without having to dress like them.

Client stories

"Shopping with Laila is really fun! We had a great day in Soho — she helped me revamp my wardrobe across work and going out. I loved that she pushed me out of my comfort zone just enough that I tried clothes I wouldn’t have without her, and found new styles I ended up loving. I still wear the clothes I bought with her and they feel great!" - Anvisha Pai, Cofounder & CPO at Dover

"Laila has been a tremendous help in leveling up my wardrobe. I love her approach of identifying specific stylish people and using them for inspiration. Not only is Laila thoughtful and savvy, but she makes the process fun!" - Alex Kilkka, Cofounder / CTO at SimpleHash

Kunal is a designer at Mercury living in NYC.

We're thrilled to work with you, Kunal!

Anon (male) is a recently divorced AI founder living in SF.

We started working together as he was getting back in the dating scene. In just one session he saw ←these results!

Anon (female) is a high flying professional living in SF.

She wanted to date seriously to meet a long term partner, and worked with us for a new dating wardrobe.

Within 2 months, she had 3 great relationship offers😳

Our story

I'm Laila! I was an engineer at Stripe and then a YC founder, where I experienced how difficult it was to prioritize style as a busy founder.

Silicon Valley famously loves the Steve Jobs method (wearing the same thing every day), but not everyone wants to wear a black turtleneck every day. I spent most of my time as a founder in tech t-shirts, which didn't feel great.

Alya is my most fashionable friend; we met at Stanford as we were both international students from Pakistan and have been besties ever since. Her aesthetic and eye for details is what gives our glow ups that "it" factor.

Our goal is to give you great style with 0 cognitive load: the Steve Jobs and Mark Zuckerberg way, without actually having to dress like them.